Spread the Word

Tell everyone you know—and we mean everyone!—what you’re up to. Each individual in your circle has a space, and at some point, most people can use help designing. For example: If you’re at Thanksgiving dinner, entertain your cousin’s questions about what brand sofa she should purchase. In the process, you are also helping her discover her design style. When you get home, source a few options based on your informal consultation and email them to her. Even if you’re only getting “paid” in pumpkin pie, it’s a no-pressure practice session to hone your new skills and set the tone when working with real-world clients.

Every designer in the world—new or seasoned—has to navigate the open waters of learning how to operate a successful business. If anyone can do it, you can! You are a resourceful being capable of great things. Lean into your inner power, and you’ll go far!