Network, Network, Network

In the design business, it’s not always about who you know, but it sure helps when starting a new business.

Don’t think twice about connecting with your classmates or teachers outside of class, as having friends in a brand-new industry who understand your highs and lows is an incredible resource. Not only will they help transform into your future colleagues, which can translate to potential job referrals and industry connections, but they will appreciate the passion for Art Deco architecture the way your cat and family never will. Opportunity is around every corner; you must be ready to meet it.

What if you’re taking classes exclusively online or pursuing a new career altogether in interior design but not heading back to school? Look into any business networking opportunity you can find, whether it’s with a local chamber of commerce, meet-up groups for interior designers in your area or even connecting with your alumni association—high school and/or college. Be active in online forums as well, and help out when someone has a question. With every bit of experience you gain, pay it forward.

If you put yourself out there, you will be surprised what you’ll get in return. Even if your neighbor needs a casual color consult for a humble powder room, her family might decide to embark on a whole home renovation two years from now, and who do you think they will call?

Lead generation is essential to business development and growth; quite the most important. If your business is a car, leads are your gas. The most powerful way to generate leads is by nurturing the relationships you build as you practice these networking efforts. Stay top of mind for the people you meet so that when they hear of a project opportunity, they remember to think of you. Staying top of mind means consistently communicating with the people in your network over time (even years.)

Find a lead-generating app to help you stay in touch with potential clients.
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