Choose Your Brand Messaging

What do you want potential clients to know about you? How are your offerings different? Research local competitors by Googling “interior designer (your location)” to see what they’re offering—from aesthetics to services. Decide on two or three pieces of messaging. You’re looking for ways in which your design services are slightly different from the competition and more desirable to your potential client so you can sprinkle those ideas into your website text and social media presence.

Strong brand messaging is an important part of new client attraction. Remember: Clients already expect you to deliver function and beauty since that’s basically the definition of interior design. Your messaging has to be deeper and show that you provide something more than function and beauty. As you begin to think about your messaging, consider what makes your heart come alive outside of interior design.

When your work feels purpose-driven, you will be more fueled to deliver excellence in your work. So think about your purpose in how you want to impact the world through your work. That will be your powerful differentiator in the industry. Use that as the foundation of your messaging and watch the magical sparks fly with who you start to attract.

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