Consider Video Branding

Nothing sets your business apart more and jumpstarts you into the next level like video branding. Videos provide a more immersive and personalized experience for the viewer, helping build a stronger connection between the viewer and the brand. Use your time wisely by working with a company that can free up your time to concentrate on the design work you love. We recommend checking out Kamelot Productions. They have not only produced our Life By Design series but have worked with many businesses on creating premium video content for all of their needs.

Through guided tours to demonstrate your vision or success of a project, Kamelot will include breakout clips for social media, branded content to highlight the experience of working with your company and interior/exterior drone capabilities. Kamelot will also work with you to showcase your work. Video content can be used on your website and social channels, and for digital advertising to highlight who you are, what your company does and your design aesthetic.