Social Media Is Super Beneficial

Now that you’ve created a business name, worked on your logo and launched a website, it’s time to show the world your style and build a social media presence. This means coming up your business’ Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok handles, setting up your new business’ Facebook page, and updating your Twitter and LinkedIn handles to reflect this new undertaking. Sign up for a social media scheduling platform like to help you manage your social media posting across your multiple social platforms to save you time.

Remember, an important part of being on social media is to business build. That means using social media to connect with potential clients and potential lead sources. To do that, focus not only on your own posting but how you interact with others. Be strategic. You can do that by being dedicated to consistently commenting on people’s posts who you would love to develop a partnership with. It’s also a great way for people to get to know you exist and start to get to know you. Consider people like realtors, builders and architects in your area who you’d love to get a lead from.

The more they know you, the more likely they’ll think of you as someone to pass a lead to.

As a growth strategy, consider tagging other people who are relevant to your post to boost your outreach and gain followers.