Get Your Tools and Processes in Place

Software is your best friend when running a profitable and sustainable design business. Having all your tools and processes in place ensures that each project you take on runs smoothly. When choosing software for your business, the key is looking for a program with all the tools you need in one place. This will help keep you organized, and save you money and time by not having to pay for and jump between multiple programs.

We recommend checking out Mydoma. Sign up for Mydoma Studio’s free trial! It is an all-in-one design management platform for interior design professionals. Mydoma features include invoicing, product procurement, CRM, rendering, design boards, time tracking, client communication in a branded portal, and more! As a bonus, Mydoma’s software comes with a complete mobile app. You’ll never miss a message or invoice payment again. Mydoma’s vision is to enable you to spend less time managing and more time designing. It’s built for designers, by designers.

Tip: Don’t have any clients right now? Focus on building your portfolio with mood boards and 3D renderings that showcase your unique design skills to help land your first clients.