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Natalie Papier {PODCAST}

Welcome to Life by Design with Natalie Papier!

The Designer Society of America has launched a new digital series called Life by Design, which will feature in-depth conversations with designers and industry professionals, highlighting the unique missions and stories that make up the fabric of our DSA community.

Natalie Papier, Interior Designer, Founder of HOME EC

Natalie has a lifelong love of all things eclectic and colorful. Her childhood Victorian home instilled a deep appreciation for period charm and storied furniture. She firmly believes that homes should reflect the people who live in them, full of life, character and warmth.

Her early exposure to art has sharpened her keen eye for unique art and unconventional design. Natalie quickly built a reputation in the Chicago community for her unapologetically out-of-the-box designs. Now residing in Charlotte, North Carolina, her portfolio defies all things beige and cookie-cutter. Natalie’s vow against bland and boring has taken shape in her many uses of colorful wallpaper, eclectic art and funky texture. Catch Natalie on her new show, Artfully Designed, featured on the Magnolia Network!

As an artist herself, Natalie supports local art. Much of her interior design centers around the character of art pieces in her community. She loves to collaborate with artists, designers and makers to add life to the spaces she designs. Her bold and playful designs are featured in Domino, Real Simple, HGTV Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, Luxe Magazine and many others.

To learn more about her style, check out Natalie’s Instagram.