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Level up, expand your industry knowledge, and get started on your design career now with tutorials, templates, expert-led webinars and workshops, student access to Mydoma Studio, exclusive offers, and more.

Uncover real-world insights beyond the curriculum—with one year of full access and a world of benefits.

“The support and guidance from the community here are outstanding. I feel more prepared for my future career now.”

—Leah A., Student

Incredible Offers
and Tools

Get exclusive pricing on practical design tools, access to software, and other industry essentials.

Bridge the Gap—and Build Your Business Skills Now

Explore a treasure trove of design and business resources, templates, checklists, and priceless advice.

What’s Included?

Online programs, tutorials, and tools necessary to launch a successful design business—
from portfolio-building to developing essential professional skills.

Utilize Exclusive Resources

Empower your design journey and access a wealth of resources tailored for DSA students. Stay up-to-date with design trends, industry news, expert tips—all of the well-curated knowledge and guidance you need to excel.

Design and Build Portfolios

Our intuitive interface lets you easily upload, organize your design projects, and create stunning portfolios. Impress potential clients and employers by showcasing your unique design aesthetic, skills, and expertise.

Network with a Vibrant Community

Expand your professional circle through our dedicated groups! Engage with other DSA students, industry professionals and design enthusiasts—while gaining valuable insights from experienced designers.

Coming Soon!

Access Project Management Tools

Deliver an exceptional experience. Collaborate seamlessly with clients, share files, track revisions, and manage timelines—all in one place. Gain experience working in online invoicing, time tracking and client communication.

What's in it for you? Everything.

The DSA Student Resource Hub is a golden opportunity to enhance your interior design skills, expand your network, gain business-building knowledge that isn’t typically included in an interior design curriculum, and dive into a wealth of resources—all conveniently located under one virtual roof.

Unlock a world of opportunities, providing you access to invaluable resources, benefits, and value

DSA Membership Value: $295
Project Management Program Value: $699
2D/3D Visualizer Tool Value: $360

Total Value of the DSA Resource Hub: $1354

Seize this opportunity to invest in your professional growth and success for ONLY...
$250 for 1 Year

Join us today, and let’s embark on this creative journey together!

“It's been a game-changer for me. The real-life experience I've gained here is invaluable. It's like a bridge between my classroom learning and the real world. Highly recommended!”

—Declan W., Student

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Membership Access and Benefits

How do I access my membership benefits?

All membership benefits and offers will be housed in the Student Resource Hub once logged in.

What is included in my membership package?

A DSA Student Membership includes online programs and apps that provide tutorials and the tools necessary to launch a successful design business. Perks include programs to assist in portfolio-building and tools to develop the necessary skills as a professional.

What is the duration of my membership, and when does it expire?

If your institution provided you with a code/direct link for membership as a part of your enrollment, the duration will be one year. If you are enrolling individually, there is a one-year membership fee of $250.00.

How can I update my membership account’s contact information or personal details?

Please log into the dashboard to access your profile settings page to change any needed information.

Membership Levels and Eligibility

How can I join the Professional level membership?

Once you have completed your coursework at your institution, you will register and test for the RIDQC certification exam before you transition to a Professional Membership. You can find more information about eligibility here.

Do I have to pay for a student membership if my school provides a code?

No, your school has taken care of this for you.

I am an interior design student, but do not have a code. What should I do?

Some schools have paid for their student’s membership in advance. If you are not attending an institution that has provided a code, we are offering a reduced rate to help students. You can take advantage of the student membership at a very low rate of $250 for one year. Join here.

I have less than two years before I complete my course.  How can I transition to a professional membership?

You may not require the two years and can join as a professional after completing your course. Professional membership provides more advantages for those who are working as interior designers. Learn more here.

Do I need the student membership in order to complete my coursework?

This opportunity is provided to help students to excel in their course assignments. Students have access to tools that will be instrumental in expanding their technical skills and learning the business side of interior design.

The code my school provided is not working. What do I need to do?

Please reach out to your institution for assistance with your provided code.

Membership Transfer and Holds

Is my membership transferable to someone else?

No, each student membership is tied to only one user.

Can I put my membership on hold or freeze it temporarily?


Cancellation and Refunds

What is the cancellation policy for my membership?

There is no cancellation policy or refund—there are no auto-renewals. Some students receive the membership as part of an educational program; others receive a drastically reduced cost for tools that are not available to the general public.

Can I receive a refund for my membership dues if I change my mind?


Member-Only Content and Support

Do I have access to member-only content, and how can I find it?

Yes, all of the resources and offers within the hub are for members only. New content is always in the works, so make sure to check in with the resource hub often.

How can I contact customer support for membership-related questions?

Please send an email to with your specific issues and/or needs.

“We've seen students gain confidence, engage with industry leaders, and excel in real-world projects. Our membership fosters a vibrant community of learners and achievers. I'm thrilled to witness our members' ongoing growth and success.”

—Emily Allen Burroughs, Director of Interior Design Education-DSA