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Passport to Design Featuring Swati Goorha

Passport to Design Featuring Swati Goorha

Welcome to Passport to Design with Swati Goorha, the maven of mindful design!

Welcome to Passport to Design!

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Dive into the vibrant world of design with the DSA’s electrifying new series, ‘Passport to Design,’ where creativity knows no bounds! Join us on an exhilarating journey hosted by the illustrious Christina Richardson, a luminary in the design realm, renowned for her innovative prowess and global reach. Get ready to be captivated by Christina’s unparalleled expertise and infectious passion as she takes you on an adventure through the realms of design. Be sure to connect with Christina and explore more of her awe-inspiring work on her website and Instagram!

Meet Swati Goorha:

Swati Goorha, the founder and CEO of Swati Goorha Designs, is an acclaimed interior designer whose work spans New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Her eponymous firm, known for its award-winning residential and commercial projects, epitomizes the fusion of client experiences with architectural integrity. Swati’s philosophy that each client is unique and each design should cater to the individual lifestyle of the inhabitant is at the core of her approach. Her designs are characterized by a vibrant use of colors and patterns, creating world-inspired, layered spaces that reflect a global aesthetic.

Swati’s diverse background and holistic approach significantly influence her work. A multilingual global traveler, she immerses herself in different cultures, bringing a unique eclectic perspective to her designs. Her practice of mindfulness and meditation, honed through training at spiritual retreats around the world, informs her thoughtful space planning, ensuring a harmonious interaction between physical and emotional elements. Swati’s designs have been featured in prominent publications such as House Beautiful, Elle Décor, and Vogue India. In addition to her design work, she is a passionate educator and active in nonprofit organizations, advocating for women and children.

Be sure to keep up with Swati Goorha and check out her work!

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