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Passport to Design Featuring Kelli Ellis

Passport to Design Featuring Kelli Ellis

Welcome to Passport to Design with Kelli Ellis, an internationally renowned designer!

Welcome to Passport to Design!

Dive into the vibrant world of design with the DSA’s electrifying new series, ‘Passport to Design,’ where creativity knows no bounds! Join us on an exhilarating journey hosted by the illustrious Christina Richardson, a luminary in the design realm, renowned for her innovative prowess and global reach. Get ready to be captivated by Christina’s unparalleled expertise and infectious passion as she takes you on an adventure through the realms of design. Be sure to connect with Christina and explore more of her awe-inspiring work on her website and Instagram!

Meet Kelli Ellis:

Meet Kelli Ellis, an internationally renowned designer, speaker, artist, and host with over two decades of experience. Known for her blend of global elegance, comfort, and rockstar glam, she’s a pioneer in Design Psychology, influencing projects and emotions worldwide. Kelli’s dynamic presence, artistic talent, and commitment to wellness in design make her a prominent figure in the industry. More than a designer, Kelli is a visionary who brings emotions to life through her creations. An advocate for wellness in design, captivating speaker, TV personality, and accomplished artist, her journey is a testament to her lifelong love for design and travel. With over 20 years of experience, she transforms spaces into captivating living experiences. Inspired by her extensive travels, Kelli’s designs merge global cultures in residential and hospitality spaces. Her passion for creating ambiance and depth stems from weekends spent admiring model homes and antique auctions in her youth.

As a trailblazer in Design Psychology, Kelli launched the innovative Design Psychology Coaching program based on her best-selling book, ‘Do I Look Skinny in This House?’ Her program influences philanthropic, residential, commercial, and set design, fostering intentional design across professions globally. With a 25-year career, Kelli is a respected TV personality, appearing on popular shows such as TLC’s ‘Clean Sweep’ and HGTV’s ‘Takeover My Makeover.’ Her expertise transcends borders, captivating international audiences.

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