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Passport to Design Featuring Katie Hunt

Passport to Design Featuring Katie Hunt

Welcome to Passport to Design with Katie Hunt, the wallpaper guru herself!

Welcome to Passport to Design!

Dive into the vibrant world of design with the DSA’s electrifying new series, ‘Passport to Design,’ where creativity knows no bounds! Join us on an exhilarating journey hosted by the illustrious Christina Richardson, a luminary in the design realm, renowned for her innovative prowess and global reach. Get ready to be captivated by Christina’s unparalleled expertise and infectious passion as she takes you on an adventure through the realms of design. Be sure to connect with Christina and explore more of her awe-inspiring work on her website and Instagram!

Meet Katie Hunt:

Introducing Katie, a passionate wallpaper installation expert with a background in Architectural Design from Sheridan College. With extensive experience, she excels in installing various wallpaper types in any space, be it accent walls, etc. Katie personally handles every installation, whether using your chosen wallpaper or recommending from her favorite books. As seen on several HGTV television shows, Katie shares the latest in wallpaper design ideas, and how-to tips for creative wallpaper installations. Her dedication ensures customer satisfaction, and the highest compliment she receives is referrals from happy clients to their friends and family.

Be sure to keep up with Katie and check out her work!