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Passport to Design Featuring Jade McNeil

Passport to Design Featuring Jade McNeil

Welcome to Passport to Design, with luxury interior designer Jade McNeil! 

Welcome to Passport to Design!

C Richardson

Dive into the vibrant world of design with the DSA’s electrifying new series, ‘Passport to Design,’ where creativity knows no bounds! Join us on an exhilarating journey hosted by the illustrious Christina Richardson, a luminary in the design realm, renowned for her innovative prowess and global reach. Get ready to be captivated by Christina’s unparalleled expertise and infectious passion as she takes you on an adventure through the realms of design. Be sure to connect with Christina and explore more of her awe-inspiring work on her website and Instagram!

Meet Jade McNeil:

Based in NYC with branches in LA and DC, Jade McNeil Interiors is renowned for creating soulful modern interiors that seamlessly blend nature with contemporary living. Jade’s design philosophy revolves around maximizing natural light, employing thoughtful space planning, and layering textures within a neutral palette. Her innovative use of natural materials and plants infuses spaces with warmth and life, making every project a harmonious blend of beauty and functionality.

Since entering the design scene in 2014, Jade has transformed residential and commercial spaces in major design hubs such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Washington, DC. Her background in Sociology from UCLA, coupled with a degree in Interior Architecture, enriches her design approach, allowing her to weave societal and cultural themes into her projects. 

Join us in this series as we explore Jade McNeil’s journey and her most iconic projects. From her favorite design rules—treating a client’s home as if it were her own, never skipping details, and incorporating unique, sentimental pieces—to her current design obsessions with natural materials and plant life, Jade’s insights promise to inspire. Discover how Jade McNeil Interiors creates spaces that are not just visually appealing but also elevate the soul, bridging the gap between beauty and function for a truly modern yet timeless look and feel.

Be sure to keep up with Jade McNeil and check out her work!