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Paloma Contreras {VIDEO}

Welcome to Life by Design with Paloma Contreras!

The Designer Society of America continues this digital series, Life by Design, which features in-depth conversations with designers and industry professionals. Today’s interviewee, Paloma Contreras, is an acclaimed designer based out of Houston, Texas.

Paloma’s design aesthetic offers a contemporary interpretation of traditional style, leaning towards classic silhouettes and enduring pieces. Infused with a touch of glamor and a burst of color, her designs strike a harmonious balance between timeless elegance and a refreshing modernity. Paloma’s interiors are a seamless blend of enduring sophistication, meticulous attention to detail, and a thoughtful consideration of the interplay between form and function, enriching the experience of a well-lived life.

Be sure to check out her new book, The New Classic Home: Modern Meets Traditional Style, and shop at Paloma & Co. Stay updated and learn more about her through her website and Instagram.

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