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Insurance for Interior Designers {VIDEO}

Join us as we ask tough questions about insurance for interior designers and home stagers.

Victor D’Angelo and Leah Check with PenEx VillaNOVA Insurance

If something goes wrong on a job and you experience a considerable loss, what would you do? What do you think you should do? Do you know who you should call first? Should subcontractors working on your projects carry workman’s comp?

This is when VillaNOVA Insurance Partners, which manages DSAinsure Insurance and Risk Management for the Designer Society of America (DSA) under the program name PenEx, comes into play. They cut out the middleman, saving you money and providing you direct access to a team who cares.

DSAinsure offers insurance for interior designers, stagers, kitchen designers and professional organizers. With nearly 20 years of experience, the PenEx team delivers, and DSAinsure is ready to step in and support your business.

“We have a whole risk management team that is staffed with lawyers, risk managers, and claims adjusters who do risk management. This means we create tools like service agreements and subcontractor agreements specifically for interior designers to keep them out of trouble and to make sure that they don’t get into situations where claims arise.”

Victor D’Angelo, COO, VillaNOVA

“There is so much to protect while carefully curating your clients’ functional and aesthetic needs; having a team looking out for you and protecting your assets is essential.”

Natasha Younts, Founder, DSA

Enjoy this interview with the DSAinsure team, and hear answers to our questions during a Q&A with VillaNOVA’s COO!