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Benni Frowein {PODCAST}

Welcome to LIFE BY DESIGN with Benni Frowein!

Benni Frowein Schumacher CEO at F. Schumacher & Co. UK Designer Society of America has launched a new digital series called LIFE BY DESIGN that will feature in-depth conversations with designers and industry professionals, highlighting the unique missions and stories that make up the fabric of our DSA community. Benni (Benjamin) Frowein grew up in Hamburg, Germany. Already as a child, he loved helping his mother redecorate the house. Instead of following his passion, he moved to Madrid to study business administration. After graduating, he joined the Boston Consulting Group – the world’s largest strategy consulting firm. For almost a decade, he worked in Europe, South Africa, China, and Brazil on company transformations before he decided to finally follow his heart. In early 2016, he joined the famous American Design House, Schumacher as the President of the brand. Together with the team, he brought the 132-year-old company, Schumacher, to the 21st century by digitizing the customer experience and putting a strong emphasis on original designs. He now is CEO of Europe and the Middle East with the mission of expanding the iconic brand and bringing Schumacher back to it its original origin – where it all began in 1889.